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WeBench A platform for aggregating and analyzing data on business operational activities

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About the Client

WeBench is the market leader in Germany for collecting, analyzing, and publishing benchmarks across various business sectors 

Managers at industrial and infrastructure sites need to understand the business's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). However, they often lack access to data from other enterprises. Organizing comparisons and analytics takes time and investment, and the data obtained may be incomplete. 

WeBench offers a solution to this problem by helping to compare costs efficiently and enhance competitiveness to the maximum extent.


To develop a platform that automates the collection of information on revenue, net profit, KPIs, and employee headcount for subsequent analysis.


In 3 months, a web platform has been developed for aggregating and analyzing data on the operational activities of companies in Germany.

The service operates on a subscription basis and allows anonymous comparison of a company with others based on various metrics.

Service groups available for comparative analysis in the application include healthcare, facility security, fire departments, transportation and logistics, real estate, water treatment facilities, design, and concept management.

On this project, we have implemented our capabilities in creating a data collection and systematization service in a format convenient for the client.

Project Stages


Discovery phase
(3-4 weeks)

Insight into the business, prototyping, creating a set of graphical elements, drawing wireframes, user roadmaps, preparing designs, writing user stories, and agreeing on the role model within the system.


Development Stage
(12 weeks)

Iterative development in 6 sprints of 2 weeks each one


Рroduct release 1
(in 3 months)

Key functionality of the platform

Product release 2

Key and additional functionality of the platform


Support and maintenance

Edits, fixes, consulting



The company registers a business unit and fills in the information block. Then this data is verified, and the system adds the company to the respective database for comparative assessment.

Services Catalog

After registration, the company fills in data on a range of metrics for its business, and then gains access to a dashboard with companies that have participated in this survey.

The data of these companies is anonymized. It can be used for analytics.

WeBench allows sites to join, send, and update their data at any time - 24/7. Thus, benchmarks are always up-to-date.

Request Processing

A ticket support system is provided to grant access to company employees.

Analytics Block

After verification by the admin, the company gains access to benchmarks.

Sorting by KPI is available.

Services can be filtered by country, service sector, number of employees, and year of data upload.

Subscribing to WeBench provides 24/7 access to up-to-date benchmarks from major industrial and infrastructure sites. A full subscription includes:

  • Regular email notifications about updates when companies upload or update their data
  • Comprehensive annual benchmark report for industries included in the service
  • Invitation to participate in the annual WeBench meeting, where there is an opportunity to suggest own service options for addition to the platform

The application is localized in two languages: English and German.

Project Challenges

At the start of our project, the platform was operational, but from a user interface perspective, it was not user-friendly. The decision was made to rewrite the system from scratch.

We conducted data migration and standardized the data to a unified format.

Effect On Business

Within the first six months of system usage, data from over a thousand companies across various domains (medicine, education, manufacturing) were collected.

To this date, the service is utilized by over 300 companies on a subscription model.

At the request of the customer, the following additions were made by us after release: emailing integration, customizations (adding filters, additional export formats, optimizing the administrative panel).





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