About the Client

Bayer - a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation from Germany.

Bayer has come up with the idea to make an application for California almond farmers  that allows to track key indicators (temperature, precipitation, irrigation, productivity, etc.), that affect the quality and quantity of future crops. The goal of the project was to create an MVP to estimate the real need in such application.


To create an ecosystem of products for the agricultural business in the concept of a "pocket farm", allowing the farmer to connect their farm and track statistical data in real time.


A web-based application adapted for a mobile device has been developed.

With the application, the user gets the opportunity to monitor forecasts and upload their own reports to exchange up-to-date data on the functioning of the farm.

The platform helps to connect all the workers who are engaged in farm maintenance and coordinate their work. Thus, the main idea of the application is to collect all the information from the reports in one place at the farmer.

Due to the clarity of the interface, all data is presented in an intuitive format in the form of various schemes, diagrams, date selection elements, dynamic images and a block of notes to highlight key information.

A messenger has also been implemented that allows communication between farm workers.

Project Stages


Stage 1



Stage 2

Iterative development in 2-week sprints with demo screenings based on the results of the sprint


Stage 3

Beta testing

Stage 4

Deployment and release

Stage 5

Post-release support for the app


The concept of a "pocket farm" includes dashboards with data, an internal chat, and a notification system.


The application provides the opportunity to create a farmer profile, as well as additional roles such as CPA (pest control consultant), workers, managers.

Farmer Profile

The farmer creates a farm, starts production sites, each of which is dedicated to a separate block in the application, invites all involved specialists to the application and receives data on the functioning of the farm in real time.  

The data is read according to three key indicators: humidity, yield and crop protection.

Third-party integrations are loaded from open sources, such as CIMIS (California Irrigation Management Information System) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and used to make graphs in the "Temperature" block.

There is a block of notes.

Internal Chat

An internal messenger has been implemented to communicate with the specialists who process fields and receive reports from them.

Notification system

There is a block of notifications that come to farmers in a number of special cases (reports on yields, changes in humidity levels, downloading a report from the laboratory, etc.), and in case of deviation of the norm in forecasts.

The administrative panel of the service gives access to the users, allows to track top-level errors, and see system monitoring.

Project Challenges

The realization of the pocket farm project involved the integration of the application with open source data, which significantly complicated the project.

During the project realization data integration was carried out, ensuring stability in their receipt, processing states, aggregating data from several sources and reducing them to a single format. 

Moreover, the team had to dive into the subject area due to the specifics of the business, as well as reading PDF reports from laboratories taking into account various templates.

Effect On Business

By the results of the semi-annual application in the production of the SOILink ecosystem, the crop processing was optimized, thereby reducing production costs and increasing productivity. Farmers were able to respond to the needs of crops in a timely manner and to stop agrotechnological problems.


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