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Junk Kouture An application for organizing a fashion contest with elements of a social network

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About the Client

Junk Kouture Alumni, Ireland

In the UK, the "Junk Kouture" competition (literally "fashion from recycled materials") has been running for many years for school students. Initially, all contest applications were accepted via email. This method became outdated. 

Thus, there arose a need to streamline the process of receiving and processing applications, as well as to introduce new features that could attract young participants.


Attract new participants through partial digitalization of the competition.

Optimize the process of submission and review of competition applications and selection of finalists.


A social network has been developed for creative teenage clothing designers, allowing them to organize competitions, create teams, and submit contest entries.

Overall, the ideology of the social network promotes eco-friendly consumption in fashion, as the competition features costumes made from recycled materials.

Project Stages


Discovery Phase

We gathered client requirements, formulated specifications, defined roles, and wrote user stories


Development Stage

We conducted iterative development with sprints and demo showcases every two weeks

Release 1: Key platform functionality (submission and processing of applications)

Release 2: Additional platform functionality (social network elements, user registration for "fans")


Support Stage

We fixed bugs and provided consultation


The elements of the social network enable users to share their successes with the community and promote the accounts of the most popular designers.

Participants can submit entries through the app and join teams. 

The competition jury reviews and selects entries in a convenient format.

Users with the role of "Designer":

  • Register via phone number
  • Review information about the competition and requirements for the task
  • Create teams
  • Add a team mentor
  • Submit an application
  • See the status of their application
  • Publish posts with their works, which appear in the general feed, where there is an opportunity to like, comment, or share posts.

Users with the role of "Mentor":

  • Register and review requirements for mentors and the competition
  • Receive invitations to join teams of designers
  • Supervise the submission of applications
  • See the status of their team's application
  • Can like, comment, or share posts from the general feed

Users with the role of "Fan":

  • Register in the application
  • Vote; the voting results are digitized and displayed in real-time
  • See information about active competitions
  • Can like, comment, or share posts from the general feed

Administrator (jury representative):

  • Can view applications, including information about team members and uploaded files
  • Marks participants who advance to the semifinals and finals

Project Challenges

We encountered strict regulations from Google and Apple regarding the implementation of applications for minors, which required thorough content safety checks, as well as compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

The client team consisted of creative individuals who needed detailed explanations of the technical aspects of application development and functionality.

The project's unique aspect lay in combining fashion with environmental sustainability.

Effect on Business

Currently, the application is actively used to conduct local British competitions.

Initially, the application was available only for the British market. When the popularity of the competition spread to several European countries, the USA, and the UAE, it became necessary to add localization for specific markets.

After the release and initial downloads of the application, we implemented a series of infrastructure tasks. We also prepared instructions for using the admin panel for the competition jury.

The application can be used as a conceptual solution, implying the organization of competitions with the submission of applications.


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