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About the Client

Internal product of the company.

In the modern world, remote work has become unprecedentedly popular. However, companies are facing the challenge of effectively attracting and retaining new employees and seamlessly integrating them into work processes.

In response to market needs, our company has developed an application that simplifies this process, reduces adaptation time, and helps improve productivity.


Develop an online service to optimize the onboarding process for new employees and ensure effective interaction among remote team members.


A software suite has been implemented for efficient employee onboarding, internal communication organization, motivational programs, idea management projects, and other business processes within the company.

The platform offers extensive customization options to tailor the solution to your specific needs, corporate culture, and audience characteristics.

Project Stages


Stage 1

We carefully defined the project goals and requirements by filling out the brief


Stage 2

Next, we focused on key functionalities by developing user roles and scenarios for the MVP


Stage 3

We created a project roadmap based on assessments and forecasts


Stage 4

We designed the database, configured the infrastructure, and set up the repository.

Stage 5

We developed the user interface for both desktop and mobile versions.

Stage 6

We assembled the development team and launched the project.


Stage 7

Finally, we deployed the platform, integrating it into our own workflow processes.


Employee Dashboard

Implemented similar to a social media profile

Digital HR processes

Requesting vacation, sick leave, compensatory time off, certificates, etc.

Development Module

Regular conduct of surveys, workshops, meetups, as well as an offline knowledge base.

Company News Feed

Updates on internal company life.

Push Notifications:

Team, Projects, Education, ECG.

Knowledge Base - Wiki.

Office Equipment Module.

Project Challenges

The ability to integrate CorpApp with the client's internal systems was implemented instead of creating yet another workspace.

Effect on Business

The application was successfully tested using our IT company as an example, with a team of 30 people.




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