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BodyTime B2B solution for enhancing staff productivity based on hemo-test monitoring and psychological testing

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About the Client

BodyTime, Germany

The competitiveness of any company is largely influenced by the productivity and quality of its employees' work. Trends in recent years show that customers want to know that a company not only produces products and solutions but also implements useful social projects and initiatives.

At BodyTime, the idea was born to create an application that collects data on the health status of employees in a company. It was assumed that the purpose of the application would be to increase the efficiency of personnel by analyzing and improving their quality of life.


Provide companies with an extension to their employee benefits package in the form of a service that correlates hemo-test results with mental health levels and generates personalized recommendations.

The application is intended to simplify and optimize the process of collecting and monitoring information, analyzing data, and making decisions in business.


A web platform has been developed to aggregate data from various sources: general blood analysis results from the laboratory, online testing, and final recommendations for optimizing employees' daily routines.

Project Stages


Stage 1

Customer requirements identification and formulation


Stage 2

Writing user stories

Stage 3

Iterative development with sprints and bi-weekly demo showcases

Stage 4

Support stage (additional features, bug fixes, consulting)


The process of collecting employee data involves blood analysis, uploading results into the application, employee participation in online testing, and providing them with individual recommendations for lifestyle and work schedule organization.

In the application, key indicators are displayed in dashboard format for real-time visualization. Graphs, diagrams, tables, and other visualization elements are collected on a single panel.

A user with the role of "Company Employee" can:

  • Register by providing a unique ID
  • Receive conclusions based on analysis results
  • Schedule a personal consultation with a psychologist and receive recommendations for adjustments to their lifestyle and habits
  • Access a personal dashboard with personalized recommendations based on blood analysis and sessions with the psychologist

Based on summarized data, the employee can either share it with their organization or keep it for personal use. Using this summarized data, the system generates graphs indicating the most efficient workday times for the employee.

A user with the role of "Administrator" can aggregate data uploaded by company employees into a unified dashboard.

A user with the role of "Laboratory Technician" can upload analysis results into the application.

Project Challenges

Within this project, as we were dealing with medical analyses, it was necessary to adhere to European protocols regarding data protection policy, including encryption, as well as GDPR regulations.

Effect on Business

The platform operates as a B2B solution. Using it, the client entered into a series of contracts with companies, enabling them to enhance employee loyalty through personalized assessments and tailor the workday to each employee.

Subsequently, we gradually increased the complexity of the questionnaire structure. As a result, a questionnaire builder was implemented in the administrative panel, allowing for the customization of questions based on each company's needs.

The application was adapted for mobile devices.





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